Thursday, September 6, 2007

Help Us! Tell the Media!

October is SIDS Awareness Month!
Please take a moment to contact the St. Louis media to tell them your story about how SIDS has touched your life. SIDS and safe sleep practices needs MUCH more attention than it gets. By spreading the word we are saving lives!

Please be specific and ask for a feature on SIDS, Safe Sleep Practices for Infants, and SIDS Awareness Month (October).

Knowledge and education can prevent tragedies like the one that took my nephew's life. Please copy and paste this information and email to everyone in your contact list! The more requests made for a story the more likely it is we will get one!

Channel 2
Website Contact

Betsy Bruce

Channel 4
Channel 4 email:
Channel 4 ph: (314) 444-3344

Please also mention how SIDS Resources in St. Louis could benefit by a feature in "News 4 Angels"

Channel 5
Channel 5 email:
Channel 5 ph: 314-444-5126

Kay Quinn

Wendy Erikson

Channel 11
Channel 11 email:
Channel 11 ph: 314-447-6340

St. Louis Post Dispatch email: and St. Louis Post Dispatch ph: 314-340-8000

St. Louis Post Dispatch email:

Suburban Journal ph: 314.821-1110

Jefferson County Journal
ph: 636-931-6636

Kevin Carbery


valerie0424 said...

Why did this happen?
Seems as though it's been a while
Sinse you were born to us, We didn;t get to spend much time, Only 4-months.
I miss the times when I would blow bubbles on your tummy or show off all the things you did to your mommy.
I know that she misses you as each year rolls by. Nine years since she held you, my brother when you were alive.
Why you left us remains unknown, for that there was no cause. Your breathing was so strong, for what reason did you pause?
I guess I shouldn't ask you that, it's easy for me to want to.
Please know, my baby brother, Anthony..just how much we love you.

Your sister Rachel

Dan Kelley said...

I will do everything in my power to make sure SIDS Awareness Month gets its notice in the local media. And ask anyone, I'm good at getting the media's attention.

Andy's Dad (aka Danny)

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