Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sam Pratt's Law

I just read a very disturbing article about Rep. Cynthia Davis and Sam Pratt's law. Someone please tell me this isn't really happening? How can this woman really be in public office? The things she said are absolutely cold and callous.

Please help me prove her wrong when she says, "There is nobody in St. Charles County who cares about this bill." She goes on to say, "This woman is not even the mother of the child," Davis said. "She is a law student. What is really going on is that she is mad at the judge and she is mad at the baby sitter.

They want a souvenir bill for the baby and they wanted it named after the baby. If we passed a knee-jerk bill for every sad story that happens, we would not have any liberties any more in Missouri."

You can read the entire, heart-wrenching article here:
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