Thursday, September 20, 2007

Audit of Missouri Daycare Standards

Missouri is in severe need of child care regulations!

See the official report (PDF)

...child care providers are required to be licensed in Missouri if they care for more than four unrelated children (WHY does it matter if they're related?). Auditors found bureau officials have not always effectively dealt with unlicensed child care facilities and current state penalties do not deter some providers from operating illegally.

...Unlicensed providers can only be charged with an infraction, which carries a maximum $200 fine for the first violation of state law. The fine has not deterred providers from operating illegally even though some were prosecuted and fined. Statements from providers show how they openly refuse to follow state law: “I do keep more than four non-related children at one time. I plan to continue to do so. I do not want to give the names. I do not want a license.” In addition, fines levied against unlicensed providers are much higher in other states.

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