Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Do it the right way!

Are you considering starting, or do you already run a day care out of your home? If so, please do it the right, ethical way, even if you only watch or plan to watch a few kids. People are putting their children's lives in your hands! Please visit the Child Day Care Association of St. Louis' website at:
ph: 314.531.1412

And, they've got this handy little check list that makes it really easy to know if you're doing things the safe, legal, and healthy way! Check it out!

You can also contact SIDS Resources, who provides FREE training to child care providers throughout the state of Missouri to teach about safe sleep and developing safe sleep policies.

And finally, please give your insurance agent a call to make sure those precious little ones are insured while under your supervision!

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your fav sister-in-law said...

Please make sure you update your insurance to include that you have an inhome child-care. It is not fair that the parents get stuck with all the bills if a child is injured or dies in your care, if you do not update your insurance.

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