Thursday, August 30, 2007

Write to Congress!

Your personal story and plea for support makes an enormous difference with Congress! Please write your two Senators and your Representative urging them to do the following:

· Encourage NICHD to continue to fund the SIDS research plan. This plan looks at the continuum of sudden death in early life that encompasses the last weeks of gestation (stillbirths) and the first year of life (SIDS).

· Establish a House committee with overseeing child-care issues.

· Establish regulations to adequately limit the number of children allowed in a day-care facility.

· Establish standard criteria for penalizing providers when there has been a violation.

· Strengthen penalties that are too weak to deter providers from breaking the law.

· Provide funding for demonstration projects for the CDC Sudden Infant Death Scene Protocol in rural, urban, and suburban settings to provide a nation-wide protocol for dealing with infant death scenes.

Furthermore, telephone calls and personal visits to your local or Washington, DC Congressional offices are also important and have tremendous impact on legislators. Legislators are always interested in responding to constituent concerns. Let them know that you are concerned about SIDS and child care and want to secure their commitment.

Click here to find your congressional officials

For further assistance, please call Sara Arnold at the First Candle/SIDS Alliance Washington, DC office at 202-544-7499 or

Who can help you in Missouri:
Pamela Speer
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Section of Child Care Regulation

Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford

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