Friday, August 31, 2007

But She Probably Feels Really Bad...

Someone kindly reminded me yesterday that the daycare lady probably feels really bad. I'm sure she feels terrible. But, feeling really bad after the fact doesn't prevent terrible things from happening. However, feeling really informed and maybe even scared you might get in trouble does prevent terrible things from happening.

My point is this:
If someone who is given the responsibility of caring for an infant knows that putting that infant on his tummy for a nap could result in getting charged with child endangerment, or even attempted murder, she wouldn't do it. Because it IS that big of a deal.

So my goal is this:
Strengthen the law regarding infant sleep placement, and establish harsher penalties in order to deter people from doing it. By strengthening the law and having harsher penalties we will be informing people. Because in turn, it will get news and other media coverage. This needs to become information that the common person knows. A drunk driver who crashes his car into someone and kills them can't just tell the judge he didn't know he wasn't supposed to do that.

Consider this:
Drunk driving wasn't always against the law
We didn't always have to wear seat belts
Children weren't always required to be in a car seat
Doctors used to tell pregnant mothers to smoke and have a glass of wine to relax

We can make a difference! It will just take time, persistence, and maybe a little humility.

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