Thursday, March 6, 2008

Help us raise funds and awareness for SIDS Resources!

SIDS Resources, Inc. is hosting their first annual 5K in Forest Park on May 31, 2008. This event is monumental in the efforts to raise awareness and funds to ensure every baby thrives and survives. SIDS Resources is a not-for-profit organization that provides family support to those who have experienced the tragedy of sudden infant death, as well as public education on how to reduce the risk.

Join us in this effort in remembrance of Nathan Jay Blecha, who passed away at the all too young age of just 3 months and 2 days. SIDS Resources has been incredibly generous and helpful to my family and others in their time of need. They have joined forces with many other organizations to increase awareness on safe sleep practices for babies, most notably the “Back to Sleep” campaign, and are working hard to make sure this never happens again.

For more information and to donate, simply click the link below:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Shelley,
I just read your story in todays journal. I am sincerly sorry for your loss. Your son looked so adorable in the picture that was posted. I want you to know that I admire you both...during this time of your enormous loss you are reaching out, sharing knowledge to keep other precious babies safe from home care providers who are not licenses or do not have the training to really care for infants and toddlers.
My grandson was also hurt in January 08 at the babysitters in which she stated he hit a coffee table. He had bruises on both sides of his face...but the injury on the left side of his face looked like a hand print. I have pictures of this son's exgirlfriend didn't want my son to know, didn't take him to the hospital to have him checked out. She trusted the babysitter, as she left my grandson with this woman for 3 days/nights at a time.
In Febuary I took my pictures to DFS, but due to it being a month later they could not prove if it was an accident or child abuse.
My son has since got a Child Protective Order against the babysitter. Since taking this picture in to DFS/Child Protective Order, the mother,has left her job, we cannot find her and don't know how Shawn is or not.
Please continue in your work to Keep Babies Safe as I gained knowledge from your story regarding that this babysitter who was watching 4 in her daughters home without a license was doing so illegally.
Thank you both for the love and concern for the precious little ones in our world today.
May God be with you and Bless you!
Sherry Shaw

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