Tuesday, January 15, 2008

STLMoms: Bedtime Basics

(KTVI - myFOXstl.com) -- In today’s STLMoms.com segment, it's a disturbing statistic for any new parent, 2500 sudden infant deaths happen each year in the United States. Now, St. Louis Children's Hospital is launching a campaign called "Bedtime Basics for Babies." Dr. James Kemp is the co-director of the sleep lab at St. Louis Children's Hospital. He joined us on FOX 2 in the Morning.

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Ariesgeek said...

I'm shocked there's actually an item called an "infant pillow." I heard something about these the other day and thought of you. Something you may want to look into.

My kids don't get a pillow until they're 2! Well into 2! Of course Andy gets what he wants... :) Fortunately he doesn't want a pillow. :)

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